The Dwarvenaut


Somerville Theatre - Screen 3 Sat, Apr 30, 2016 9:45 PM
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Runtime:84 minutes
Premiere Status:East Coast Premiere
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Director:Josh Bishop
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Expected to be in attendance: Director Josh Bishop

The opening minutes of THE DWARVENAUT present one of Stefan Pokorny’s trademark grandiose monologues. The subject: how Dungeons & Dragons reveals a person’s true nature. When the ogre rears its head from the cave, do we run? Do we hide? Or do we fight for glory and comaraderie? In these short moments–when the game is fictional, its consequences felt only on paper–one’s true character can reveal itself.

Director Josh Bishop’s film represents a quest for that character in Pokorny, a Brooklyn-based artist and D&D megafan who has found success in creating and selling his own playsets. The future of Pokorny’s dream business now relies on the outcome of a multimillion-dollar Kickstarter campaign.

But Bishop is interested in more than just game boards. This carefully crafted documentary bares Pokorny’s heart to all–from his days of juvenile delinquency and his close relationship with his adoptive parents to his views on art, success, and fulfillment. Pokorny is more than just a gamer, an obsessive, a nerd–he’s a soaring spirit of energy, hope, doubt, regret, and passion.

–Brad Avery