Letting Go Of Adele


Somerville Theatre - Screen 1 Sun, Apr 30, 2017 4:30 PM
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Premiere Status:East Coast Premiere
Web Site:http://lettinggoofadele.com
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Director:Melissa Dowler
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Expected to be in attendance: Director Melissa Dowler, in conversation with WBUR’s Vicki Croke

Marty had a heart condition that made her pass out every day. Adele was the world’s first cardiac-alert service dog, who could literally sense the beating of Marty’s heart and save her from fainting. They were the perfect team. They were soulmates. But nothing can last forever, and as the time comes for Adele’s retirement, Marty must figure out how to let go of her best friend and find a new partner to protect her heart. With Adele by her side, Marty went from being unable to walk around the block without passing out, to leading an adventurous, joy-filled life as a wife, mother, and artist. She doesn’t want to go back to how it was before Adele, but going forward is just as scary. Director Melissa Dowler’s film follows Marty and Adele on the rocky, painful, but ultimately life-affirming journey toward letting go.