The Candidates


Somerville Theatre - Screen 5 Sun, Apr 28, 2019 12:30 PM
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Category:Documentary Feature
Premiere Status:Boston Premiere
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Director:Alexandra Stergiou & Lexi Henigman
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Expected to be in attendance: Director Alexandra Stergiou in conversation with Kathleen McNerney, Senior Editor of WBUR's Edify

For the past two decades, every single student at this Queens public high school has played a role in the world's longest-running civic experiment, called the Election Simulation. The kids must wholeheartedly embody their alter egos, the real-life presidential candidates, and conduct full-on campaigns in the school. This grand simulation is complete with fake money, media pundits, campaign ads, debates, electioneering, super PACs, and candidates' spouses.

Not in recent memory has there been a more electrifying and polarizing presidential election than that of 2016—nor one as challenging to simulate. Just ask this school's students and staff. THE CANDIDATES captures the 2016 election like no other film, presenting politics as puberty. Elegantly shot B-roll is intercut with intimate interviews, vérité scenes, and archival student films to capture the whimsy, spontaneity, and nostalgia of high school.