The Sound Of Silence



Coolidge Corner Theatre Tue, Apr 30, 2019 7:00 PM
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Category:Narrative Feature
Premiere Status:New England Premiere
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Director:Michael Tyburski
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Expected to be in attendance: Director Michael Tyburski in conversation with Erin Trahan, Film Writer from WBUR's The ARTery

Self-taught scientist Peter (Peter Sarsgaard) works in New York City as a "house tuner"—a unique, highly specialized profession he has invented. His clients approach him with troubles like depression, anxiety, or fatigue. After extensive analysis of their homes' acoustic characteristics, he identifies some sonic combination that's altering their mood—a radiator mixed with a kitchen appliance, for instance—and calibrates it.

On a routine house call, Peter meets Ellen (Rashida Jones), who is experiencing exhaustion. After his initial conclusion proves incorrect, Peter obsessively searches for the fault in his practice. The more Peter tries—and fails—to help her, the more Ellen's resulting skepticism pokes holes in his previously airtight theories. Mannered, meticulous, and methodical, Peter is shaken when the years he's spent mapping New York's natural harmonies come into question.

THE SOUND OF SILENCE is a serene contemplation of people living in their modern environment—and their desire to understand and even control it.